New Zealand has long attracted adventurers. The discoverers. Men and women, who connect with the landscape, breathe the promise – and so often craft the wine.

The Browns were just such adventurers, travelling from Scotland to follow a dream and establish one of the original Marlborough heritage sites.  On the rocky soils beneath Marlborough’s majestic mountains they planted the Cairnbrae vineyard, named in honour of both their Scottish heritage and the legendary, rock-strewn soil of their new home, so perfect for growing vines. 

In 2001, the Browns passed the baton to the Mason family, owners of Sacred Hill Vineyards in Hawke’s Bay, in the North Island – and known to chase an adventure or two themselves.  The Masons and the Cairnbrae team explored new ways to gently tease the best from the famous stones, crafting pure, vibrant wines of elegance and complexity.

There is a magic that happens when a landscape of pristine beauty with a unique terroir, meets a winemaking spirit of discovery and excellence. You’ll find it happens with Cairnbrae.



The word comes from Scottish Gaelic, describing a man-made structure of stones. For centuries these hand-built forms have marked the way forward, celebrated pinnacles, or honoured places of reverence and history.

A little like wine, and a lot like Cairnbrae.